East/West Markets kick off June 18th at 278 Haywood Street from 11AM-7PM. Come out and spend the day shopping with over 20 of the area's best vintage & handmade vendors. Admission is FREE. 

Leading up to the Markets, check back and meet some of our amazing vendors before the market as we share a vendor spotlight post. See the full lineup of our June 18th East/West Market here.

We are excited to welcome Erina from erinapearl to the June 18 East West Market.  Erina is bringing a selection of relief and screen print art, decor, and clothing.  

Erina Schultz is a printmaking artist originally from Jensen Beach, Florida. Currently living in Boone, North Carolina she creates work structured around personal memories and a sense of place.  When Erina was young she lived in Japan for a short time, and now likes to combine Eastern and Western styles within her work and life style. Her preferred process is relief printing. Recently, she received the Judy Humphrey Print Travel Scholarship.  

"Opening the world to the processes of printmaking and design, we believe in creating original pieces of work. We want to hand design arts and crafts that can simply bring enjoyment to others. Influenced by modern day culture and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Making each piece rare and special. We want to focus wholeheartedly on quality, creativity, and craftsmanship."