East/West Markets kick off June 18th at 278 Haywood Street from 11AM-7PM. Come out and spend the day shopping with over 20 of the area's best vintage & handmade vendors. Admission is FREE. 

Leading up to the Markets, check back and meet some of our amazing vendors before the market as we share a vendor spotlight post. See the full lineup of our June 18th East/West Market here.

We are excited to welcome Katie Vie from River Island Apothecary to the June 18 East West Market.  We love the scents and products Katie has created that really let us take time for ourselves and loved ones. 

Katie Vie has been immersed in the world of senses and botanicals all her life. 
Currently, Katie blends & teaches from an apothecary studio of her own design in her hometown, Asheville, NC.Katie is an educational resource for people wishing to learn Aromatherapy through an artistic lens. She is an innovator and a visionary, bringing beauty to people's lives through the language of the senses. 

River island apothecary includes the makings for beautiful self care rituals, therapeutic approaches to discomfort, and support for spiritual adventure.

River Island Apothecary is a small batch, all-botanical line of body care. The components are mostly organic, and blended right here in Asheville. Katie is a massage therapist, blender, and anointress. Her signature product is a collection of Archetype Anointing Oils; seven scents that correspond with 7 prominent women's archetypes.

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