East/West Markets kicks off June 18th at 278 Haywood Street from 11AM-7PM. Come out and spend the day shopping with over 20 of the area's best vintage & handmade vendors. Admission is FREE.

Leading up to the Markets, check back and meet some of our amazing vendors before the market as we share a vendor spotlight post. See the full lineup of our June 18th East/West Market here.

Welcome Julia Claire Clay to the Market! We already love her porcelain handwork and designs. We can't wait to see her new line of jewelry and mountain inspired ceramic wares.

"I love pattern, textile design and putting imagery on my work! My mother knew from a small age that I was born to be an artist! it all started with a pair of scissors, construction paper and some tape. I would cut out patterns and decorate everything! It's no wonder that I was drawn to using decals!

I started using decals in college. I was screen printing china paints and using toxic chemicals to clean my screens. It was so toxic I was only allowed to do this in the middle of the night. It was then and there that I started saving up for my very own color decal printer.

I now proudly own a ceramic printer that allows me to put any image on clay! I use vintage wallpaper and gift wrap patterns on my jewelry and draw my own imagery for my pottery! Being a ceramic artist has allowed me to use every form of my art skills in one body!"